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  • Contractors Stage Protests at Apple Stores in California Over Workers' Rights

    For several weeks, construction workers have been staging consistent peaceful protests outside a number of Apple Store locations across California, arguing for better wages and working conditions from Apple and contractor Ledcor Group. The apparent labor dispute seems to have been gaining the attention of local media, while visitors at several Apple Stores in San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto and beyond have for weeks been greeted by sign holders castigating both Apple and Ledcor for unfair wages and benefits.

    Many of the demonstrations that are being held seem to be low-key affairs with a few signs accompanied by a handful of contractors but others tend to be a bit more dramatic. A camp display at Appleís Palo Alto retail location features a scythe-wielding effigy of death. An oversized thumbs-down sign sits off to one of the other sides. The demonstrators arenít limiting their efforts to operational Apple Storse either as some have been stationed outside the upcoming Union Square flagship in San Francisco.

    Although the initiative appears to be one that is well-organized, the worker demands arenít being promoted very well. According to Twitter, laborers are handing out leaflets that state the following:

    Apple Inc has failed to require Ledcor Construction Inc. [...] to pay carpenter area standard wage and benefits on all projects.
    Furthermore, the union(s) backing the efforts also seem to be unknown. When questioned, a Ledcor representative also declined to comment on the matter and Apple didnít respond to requests for comments either.

    Public protests arenít a strange phenomenon for Apple, especially ones that deal with contracted labor. Weíll have to wait to see how the whole situation is handled.

    Source: Instagram (dwaynesamuels) via AppleInsider
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