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  • AT&T Revamps Mobile Share Value Plans, Effective as of Tomorrow

    Mobile company AT&T has announced today that they will be revamping their Mobile Share Value plans starting tomorrow. The revamped plans will affect current and new subscribers because plan prices and data tiers will be adjusted. AT&T will be combining some data tiers and even offer more data at no extra cost per month. Currently, the company has three different Mobile Share Value plans for low data usage customers. But starting tomorrow there will only be two; 2GB for $30 per month or 5GB for $50 per month.

    Those who use much more data than the previous two that were mentioned should look into AT&Ts refreshed Mobile Share Value plans. Currently, the company offers 10GB of data for $100 per month, 15GB of data for $130 per month, and 20GB of data for $150 per month. Starting tomorrow AT&T will no longer have the 10GB tier and instead offer the 15GB tier for just $100 per month and the 20GB tier for $140 per month.

    Another benefit for customers using the 15GB and 20GB data tiers starting tomorrow is being able to get unlimited text and talk to Canada and Mexico. According to the mobile company,

    Tomorrow, we roll out new plans for everyone, including a plan that gives 50% more data than on our most popular plan. And were not done yet.
    If you need more than 20GB of data, AT&T will still offer 25GB, 30GB, 40GB, and 50GB data plan tiers. We suggest looking into some of these offers and taking advantage of these changes if you can. The change will go into effect starting tomorrow, so definitely check it out.

    Source: AT&T
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