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  • Apple Officially Joins the NFC Forum

    For years, rumors swirled that Apple would eventually embrace mobile payments and the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that makes mobile payments possible. When that day finally came and iPhones were equipped with NFC capabilities, Apple became a major driving force of the technology across the mobile landscape.

    Now, to formalize its role as an NFC leader in the modern mobile world, Apple has officially joined the NFC Forum as a sponsor member.

    “The top tier of NFC Forum membership, sponsor membership, entitles an organization to a seat on the NFC Forum board of directors, the association’s governing body,” NFC Forum director Paula Hunter said in a written statement. “We are delighted to welcome Apple to our board of directors as an NFC Forum sponsor member.”

    Apple isn't saying much on the matter, but its focus on the NFC Forum speaks volumes on its behalf with regard to the importance of NFC to the future of Apple's products and services.

    Source: NFC World
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    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      This whole Apple Pay/mobile payments thing had me like Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread chips. Came and went. Seems it's gonna be awhile before it's something that's widely accepted, if ever. And this is coming from an owner of both an iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch.
    1. Yzord's Avatar
      Yzord -
      Does this mean that i finally could use my Yubikey NEO with my 6+?