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  • Microsoft Releases an Early Open-Sourced Version of Windows Bridge for iOS

    Microsoft recently released an early iteration of Windows Bridge for iOS, which for those of you who didnít know is a set of tools that will give developers the ability to port iOS apps to Windows. The project, which was previously known as Project Islandwood, is still in an incomplete form and likely wonít officially launch until sometime this Fall according to Microsoft. Developers do have the option of looking at open-source code on GitHub, where the company is inviting people to contribute with testing, comments and their own source code.

    The iOS iteration of Bridge currently supports creating Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 apps that are built for both 32- and 64-bit Intel systems. Users will have to wait for things such as the compiler optimizations and ARM processor support, the latter of which is pretty much a necessity when it comes to phones and certain tablets. Other iterations of Bridge are targeting Android and Web apps. As of right now, the Android tools are available only in a private technical preview while the Web app tools are live and fully functional.

    For those of you who didnít know, Microsoft seems to be planning quite an ambitious course for Windows 10, turning it into a universal operating system that will allow users to adapt to desktops, laptops as well as phones and other devices. The company seems to be going this route in an effort to have its operating system installed on 1 billion devices with the next two to three years. As a result, its hoping to help revitalize its Windows Store as well by attracting mobile developers who typically overlooked Windows in favor of iOS or Android.

    Weíll have to see how everything turns out but Microsoft does seem to be headed in the right direction so far.

    Source: Microsoft (Blog), GitHub
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Im excited and impressed by MS moves in the consumer market. The app offering is key to getting their phones to really take off.

      If I ever move from Apple devices it'll be for MS products. I'm still not down with Google using me to milk data like I'm a cow or something.