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  • Judge Rules in Favor of Apple in a Group Suit over Lost iMessage Texts

    A judge recently ruled that a California lawsuit over texts lost in Apple’s iMessage network can’t be processed as a group case. This is because it isn’t clear if all of the proposed members were impacted by a “contractual breach or interference” originating from iMessage. US District Judge Lucy Koh stated that even if the plaintiff, Adrienne Moore, might be accurate in blaming the “systemic flaws” in iMessage for causing problems with text messaging, the argument proposed doesn’t help the court in deciding whether iMessage was at fault and “caused the proposed class members to suffer any interference.”

    For those of you who didn’t know, Moore’s original complaint noted that when she switched from an iPhone 4 to an Android-based Samsung phone, she was unable to receive texts from people with iPhones. The issue as a whole stemmed from the fact that iMessage links iPhone numbers to Apple IDs and prefers the latter since it allows messages to reach someone on any iOS or OS X device as opposed to just an iPhone. If a person happens to swap to a non-Apple smartphone however, the texts from other iPhone owners will default vanish into nowhere. The suit was filed prior to Apple deploying a web tool for separating phone numbers from iMessage.

    This issue penalizes people for choosing an alternate product, which is a point that Moore’s court filing said prevented them from getting the full benefits of their cellphone service. Unfortunately, the case didn’t work out in the plaintiff’s favor. The latest ruling helps Apple as it might have had to spend more on defense, making an out-of-court settlement like a more viable alternative. Either way, Apple seemed to have dodged a bullet.

    Source: Bloomberg
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      MoonFighter -
      I once had to use a loner phone that was an android and had that happen to me. I had no idea at the time that would happen and went several days not receiving messages from some of my coworkers before we realized what was up.