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  • Apple Reportedly Testing Siri Service for Transcribing Voicemail Messages

    Apple's iPhone comes with a Voicemail function packed into the Phone application, but many people just don't have the time or desire to listen to their Voicemail when they receive them from people who were unable to connect via a phone

    Apple is reportedly aiming to fix this problem by making its iOS-integrated Siri voice software aware of Voicemail messages and automatically transcribing them into text messages for users, as Business Insider reports. This way, users will no longer have to listen to Voicemail and can just read a text message from the person instead.

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    Apple's proposed solution is both incredibly simple and incredibly clever: People like to leave voicemails (it's often quicker to orally deliver your information than it is to type it in a text message). But they don't like to receive voicemails (it's a lot quicker to read a text than it is to listen to the other person talking at you). The new product will also bridge a generation gap: Older users like voicemails. Young people do not.

    Apple sends voice data to company servers, where Siri converts the words spoken into text. iCloud Voicemail will presumably function in the same way, sending the raw voicemails to Apple, and Siri will then transcribe them and make them available on your iPhone.
    Since the feature would work on the server end of iCloud, this means processing from voice to text would be nice and fast, and users would get their messages fairly quickly. It also means that data would be encrypted.

    Siri has since become a lot better at understanding our voices, and this would be a great step in the right direction for Apple to make communications faster and easier with a service that continues to grow in popularity and in accuracy. Because of its growing complexity, Siri would also likely be able to answer the call if you were unable to answer, allowing the assistant to take calls for you like a personal receptionist before transcribing your Voicemail for you.

    It looks like things are about to get very real for Siri.

    Source: Business Insider
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      HovikGas -
      It's about time, Google Voice has transcribed my voicemails for years now.