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  • Chinese iPhone Counterfeiting Business Gets Busted

    Millions of dollars worth of fake iPhones won't be peddled to Chinese consumers thanks to a bust in Beijing.

    Reuters is reporting that authorities in Beijing have effectively "busted" a factory that has cranked out some 41,000 fake iPhones worth upwards of 120 million yuan ($19 million in total).

    Some of the devices, we're told, even managed to reach the U.S.

    All told, nine suspects were rounded up in the bust of this elaborate and apparently quite successful counterfeiting operation. "Beijing police said their investigation followed a tip-off from U.S. authorities who seized some of the fake devices," the report explains.

    With Apple taking major emerging mobile markets like China very seriously, you can rest assured that Apple is also doing its part to make sure that all tips and leads in regard to fake product sales are being heard by and acted on by authorities.

    Source: UK Reuters
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      Hopefully this doesn't lead to more expensive replica parts for repairing real iPhones.
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      Noticed that iPhone 5C display assemblies have gone up significantly in price. I wonder if this is why.