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  • Apple May Target Iran in Product Push

    On Tuesday, six nations, including the United States, struck a groundbreaking but highly controversial and not universally praised deal with Iran amidst aims to curtain the nation's nuclear ambitions and capabilities.

    With the lifting of economic sanctions on the horizon, Iran -- and its predominantly young population -- could soon be targeted by global companies with products to push for the first time in the Middle East nation.

    Could one of those companies be Apple? According to The Wall Street Journal, the answer is yes. "Apple Inc. has been in touch with potential Iranian distributors, according to people familiar with the matter," the WSJ reported Wednesday.

    Of course, Apple won't be the only mobile and electronics maker to take a close look at opportunities in Iran. That list could, indeed, be long. And soon we may see Apple competing with the usual foes to win over yet another emerging young tech market that will now have access to internationally renowned mobile technologies.

    Source: WSJ
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      iRan. iRaq. they should sue apple for this blatant copy. lol.