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  • Following Yesterday's Update, Pixelmator for iOS Now Just 99 in the iOS App Store

    Following yesterday's significant update for Pixelmator for iOS, which introduced Dynamic Touch tools, as well as feature refinements for the Repair Tool that made it several times faster and more accurate, and other bug fixes and improvements, the Pixelmator team has reduced the price of the mobile photo-editing software from a meaty $4.99 all the way down to just 99.

    There is no indication of how long this sale will last, so if you were interested in grabbing Pixelmator for iOS, then you may want to take advantage of the sale as soon as possible such that to ensure you get a copy of the software at such a cheap price.

    If I could explain the software in just a few words, I would call it a well-designed mobile Photoshop in your hands. It's a universal binary, which means it runs on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and it takes advantage of core features in iOS, like the Metal GPU API, as well as Handoff, Grand Central Dispatch, sharing extensions, and much more.

    The software is capable of handling layers, transparency, and has many tools you can use to make selections, move, refine, blur, sharpen, distort, and more.

    You can download Pixelmator for just 99 from this App Store link.

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      Thanks! Purchased.
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      Purchased thanks
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      That should've been the original price all along. [emoji107]🏾[emoji107]🏾[emoji107]🏾
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