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  • Apple Slapped with 'iWatch'-Related Lawsuit

    Apple may not have named its first smartwatch "iWatch" as intensely rumored before the device was unveiled last year, but that doesn't mean Apple wants to avoid the iWatch name.

    In fact, Apple has been trying to tie itself to searches for iWatch on Google. The reason? If all roads lead back to Apple Watch, it could mean more sales. But for now, it's only meant more legal trouble.

    According to Bloomberg News, Apple pays Google for advertisements (links to Apple Watch when iWatch is searched for) so no stone is left unturned in Apple's quest for Apple Watch buyers. But this effort isn't sitting well with all.

    And now, a European company that owns the iWatch trademark, is hoping for some compensation in response to Apple's allegedly deceptive marketing efforts.

    "Probendi, an Irish software development studio, filed an urgent procedure on June 26 with a court in Milan protesting Apple’s use of the term in its ads, according to the tribunal filing obtained by Bloomberg," the report notes, citing a statement from the filing, which reads: “Apple has systematically used iWatch wording on Google search engine in order to direct customers to its own website, advertising Apple Watch."

    Over the years, many companies, including American Airlines, Geico, and Rosetta Stone, have tried to take on Google or its advertisers in court over trademark issues, often unsuccessfully. Google’s policy for its ad service says it evaluates trademark complaints on a case-by-case basis and “may enforce certain restrictions.”
    Where we go from here is unclear, but soon pressure may mount on Google to re-evaluate whether or not to permit Apple to continue using the iWatch name as a lure to reel in Apple Watch customers.

    Source: Bloomberg
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