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  • Instagram to Support Higher Resolution Images

    Those who use Instagram on a daily basis, should be happy to know that the social media platform announced recently that they would be adding support for higher resolution pixel images, coming in at 1080x1080. The previous upload resolution was only 640x640 pixels. This means that photos will begin to look much nicer and crisper. Instagram cofounder Mike Krieger took to Twitter to let everyone know that support for both Android and iOS devices would be available.

    However, Instagram noted that the higher resolution upgrade had already been released and users should already be seeing better quality photos when scrolling through their feed. The higher resolution pixels is not being updated through an app and is only being done through the server for iOS and Android platforms. Instagram noted that desktop users won't be seeing the better quality photos as they have no plans on updating the web anytime soon.

    Source: Twitter via Instagram
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