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  • More and More Users From T-Mobile Getting Blue Screen of Death on iPhone

    A new report from MacRumors is claiming that more and more customers from T-Mobile are getting random reboots and crashes on their iPhones. Apparently no one has found a clear cause of this recurring issue nor is there a solution yet to the problem. Users are getting flashing blue screens before the device resets and can happen as much as in 10-30 minute increments.

    According to some users, turning off Wi-Fi calling can solve the ‘blue screen of death’ issue and others are saying a hard reset also works. It was noted that T-Mobile staff are also suggesting users to do a hard reset on the device. As of right now, neither T-Mobile nor Apple staff have a reasonable explanation for this happening.

    We’re sure the two companies will get to the bottom of this sometime soon, but some Engadget readers suggested it could be an issue involving LTE. Some readers noted that by turning off LTE or by disabling VoLTE has fixed the issue temporarily. Those using T-Mobile with the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus could be affected by this ‘blue screen of death.’

    Source: MacRumors, Engadget
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    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      no problems here.
    1. StaceyMJ86's Avatar
      StaceyMJ86 -
      No problems here neither.
    1. MoDaLoT's Avatar
      MoDaLoT -
      I'm all good no blue screen.
    1. hopethemodworx's Avatar
      hopethemodworx -
      It's happened once so far in 8 months.
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      It happened today while trying to JB my iPhone 6 Plus. So I am not sure if this is an issue with the JB or T-Mobile which I have. I also own an iPhone 5s and I did get the blue screen about 7 times already. This issue started last week when I replaced my iPhone 5s battery, so again, not sure if this is an issue with the new battery or t-mobile. I'm confused now.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      I have an iPhone 5s, but I'm on H2o wireless and got the blue screen after jailbreaking.
    1. EWING's Avatar
      EWING -
      I'm from Canada on Rogers I had the blue screen a few times.
    1. flash66's Avatar
      flash66 -
      My brain gets a BSOD at least once daily.
    1. jetsetjoey's Avatar
      jetsetjoey -
      It happened to me a couple of days ago... 3-4 times throughout the latter part of the day!!!
    1. jbua5150's Avatar
      jbua5150 -
      It has happened to me after upgrading from iOS 8.1.2 to 8.3.
      I am NOT with T-Mobile. ATT is my carrier.
    1. Raptor2213's Avatar
      Raptor2213 -
      T-mobile user here. I started getting these last week. Happened about once a day. I was on 8.1.2 on a 6+. Since updating to 8.3, no crashes. I haven't done the JB yet.
    1. oneduality's Avatar
      oneduality -
      No issues here.. I'm on T-Mobile with a 5s... I upgraded from 8.1 to 8.3 this weekend, with jailbreak.
    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      It happened to me right after rebooting device from the 2.1.3 update of TaiG in Cydia.
    1. EVO's Avatar
      EVO -
      Quote Originally Posted by HovikGas View Post
      It happened to me right after rebooting device from the 2.1.3 update of TaiG in Cydia.
      I got the BOS when I tried to jailbroke my iPhone 6+ on iOS 8.1.3 for the first time when TaiG v2.0 was released. However, after multiple retries of jailbreaking, the BOS never came up again.
    1. firstcherokeekid's Avatar
      firstcherokeekid -
      I got it after jail breaking as well on 8.3 on a Verizion 6+.

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    1. StaceyMJ86's Avatar
      StaceyMJ86 -
      The funny thing is my 6+ has displayed the blue screen 3 times within the last hour. Apple ran a diagnostic and said everything looks good on their end. I experienced the blue screen again even after restoring my phone and setting up as new. Looks like I'll have to take a trip to Apple for a replacement.