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  • Apple's Revision to AppleCare+ Worth Getting Charged Up About

    The change may not seem like a big deal, but for those to whom Apple devices just can't provide the lasting battery juice needed to make it through the day, you're in luck.

    Apple has very quietly revised its AppleCare+ Protection Plan with regard to the full iDevice line and the Apple Watch. The change? Users who see a dip in charge capacity by 20% or greater are covered by the plan.

    Previously, a 50% charge capacity reduction of the original shipped battery was required in order to have the battery repaired or replaced under AppleCare+. So while the new policy should be attractive to iDevice users considering an AppleCare+ purchase, Apple Watch owners likely won't see a significant battery capacity reduction for some time.

    According to Apple, the company's first smartwatch was designed and built to retain 80% or more of its original battery capability for at least one-thousand complete charges.

    Source: Slashgear
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