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  • iOS 9 'Low Power' Mode Saves Power By Throttling CPU Speed, Slower Performance Results

    One of the more interesting features of iOS 9 is that it improves battery life by 1 entire hour; but even when that isn't enough for you, iOS 9 also includes a 'Low Power' mode that can be activated to save power for an additional 3 hours when you're desperate for battery efficiency. It's one of the features that Apple seems to have derived from both competing platforms and the jailbreak community.

    As you might expect, saving battery comes at a cost. Geekbench benchmark scores shared by MacRumors reveal that iOS 9's 'Low Power' mode throttles down CPU performance by around 40%-45%. You can see the before and after effects of 'Low Power' mode in the screenshot examples above.

    The scores, which represent speed on an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9 beta, are consistent with scores on other iOS devices, such as an iPhone 5s running iOS 9 and using the same 'Low Power' mode. The iPhone 6 Plus first scored a 1601 for single-core scoring and then 2891 for multi-core scoring. After 'Low Power' mode was enabled, the results changed drastically to 1019 for single-core scoring and then 1751 for multi-core scoring.

    By throttling CPU performance, Apple effective reduces the amount of electrical signals that the processor can process at one time, which of course reduces the amount of battery drain at one moment in time compared to an un-throttled device.

    Stay tuned for more information about iOS 9 as it reveals itself!

    Source: MacRumors
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      Sounds like they may be opening a can of worms... Over clocking someday once our jailbreak community of geniuses find the source code?