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  • Apple’s CEO Speaks Out against Data Harvesting Policies

    Whistleblower and ex-National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, said that Apple CEO Tim Cook is likely to keep his promises on user privacy as he commented by video during a conference in Barcelona, Spain this past week. That being said, he did caution people, stating that everyone should be willing to abandon Apple if it backtracks on its promise.

    Snowden told TechCrunch the following regarding the matter:

    I think in the current situation, it doesn't matter if he's being honest or dishonest.
    This was mentioned in response to questions about whether Tim Cook meant the statements he made at an Electronic Privacy Information Center event. The executive accused many companies of ‘gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it,” claiming that such actions are “not the kind of company Apple wants to be.” Snowden argued that what’s important here is that Cook has “obviously got a commercial incentive” to differentiate Apple from its rivals and that the company’s preferences for pushing hardware over selling data benefits privacy and is something that the public should back for the time being at the very least.

    He continued by stating that “a much bigger hammer” should fall on Apple if Cook decides to reverse policies since it would be a “betrayal of trust” and past promises. He concluded by stating the following:

    But I would like to think that based on the leadership that Tim Cook has shown on this position so far, he's spoken very passionately about private issues, that we're going to see that continue and he'll keep those promises.
    For those of you who didn’t know, Snowden has leaked secrets about data collection conducted by the NSA and other intelligence agencies since 2013. This has often included wide-ranging, indiscriminate and exploiting security gaps in modern computers and mobile devices. What was a bit more disturbing is that in many cases, these agencies have had the cooperation, both willing and unwilling of major technology corporations such as AT&T, Apple, Microsoft, Google and many others. In this particular case, Apple has denied being familiar with the NSA’s PRISM program or providing direct access to servers.

    We’ll have to see how well Apple keeps to its promises by being patient.

    Source: TechCrunch via AppleInsider
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