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  • iOS 9's Picture-in-Picture Mode Hacked to Play Doom Instead of Playing Videos

    iOS hacker and developer Adam Bell, known for his recent contributions with a few other hackers to hacking Watch OS to run truly native applications, appears to also have been busy playing with iOS 9 on the iPad.

    As you probably know by now, iOS 9 on the iPad will give users a new picture-in-picture multitasking mode for video players, which allows you to continue working in your current workspace while having a floating video window that plays video from any application on your device that plays a native video format.

    Bell appears to have hacked this picture-in-picture mode on the iPad so that it not only plays video, but also plays the video game Doom. You can check out his demonstration video below:

    What makes this so special is that there was no jailbreak required and that he did it with the public API that Apple provides developers with. It's pretty cool to see this kind of capability for picture-in-picture, but we highly doubt Apple would allow something like this in the App Store if a developer wanted to submit game-playing through picture-in-picture.

    We will continue to keep you updated on the progress, so stay tuned!

    Sources: Adam Bell
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    1. fgfyhgyhtrgyh's Avatar
      fgfyhgyhtrgyh -
      You can't actually interact with the game, so there's no big deal. It's just creating the video live.

      Don't even see why Apple wouldn't like this.