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  • Apple’s iOS 9 Code Points to Several Unreleased Features and Products

    According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the current iteration of the iOS 9 beta contains references to a collection of unreleased products and features in various Apple products such as the next-gen Apple TV, the highly anticipated “iPad Pro,” and new options in Photos. The Apple TV is mentioned in both the UIKit and the GameKit, with interface and multiplayer gaming frameworks normally oriented towards iPhones and iPads.

    Although it wasn’t mentioned at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the Apple TV is expected to have access to an App Store, one that possibly includes games. The Cupertino California company is set to release the updated set-top box this fall, though this may depend on what happens with the highly rumored subscription TV service as well.

    In the meantime, iOS 9 appears to contain an even larger iPad keyboard, supporting a shortcut bar but also Tab and Caps Lock keys along with another complete row devoted to characters like exclamation marks and parentheses. According to Troughton-Smith, the keyboard is linked to “a much larger heretofore unseen iPad screen size,” which he is presumably the company’s rumored 12.9-inch model, which is said to be shipping later this year along with support for an Apple-made stylus.

    As far as the Photos app on iOS 9, it was said to have support for ordering photobooks and calendars. Although it seems to be a “minor” feature, it should bring the iOS app closer to its OS X counterpart.

    We’ll have to wait for the full version of iOS 9 for all of these features and more. As of right now, iOS 9 is set to launch this Fall, likely alongside the next-gen iPhone.

    Source: Twitter (Steve Troughton-Smith) (1) (2) via AppleInsider
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    1. hopethemodworx's Avatar
      hopethemodworx -
      Looking forward to iOS 9 and new iPads! I'm bored with my mini 2 [emoji52]
    1. TDH Advocate's Avatar
      TDH Advocate -
      I'm extremely mad that multitasking isn't supported by the 6+ as it's large enough that that would be a major selling point for mobile productivity. I'm also excited for the launch of the news app. Wish it would've launched with beta 1.