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  • Apple Looking to Ease Android to iPhone Transition with "Move to iOS" in iOS 9

    In an effort to help ease the transitional process for Android switchers who are looking to move to the iOS ecosystem, Apple plans to offer a special Android app that will wirelessly transfer personal data, downloaded apps and other information to the iPhone. The app wasnít mentioned at WWDC but is still a strong move in Appleís ongoing battle with Googleís rival operating system. The move was made at the right time as smartphone saturation continues to reach all-time highs in developed markets.

    The information was revealed on Appleís iOS 9 preview webpage, stating that Android users can rely on the Move to iOS app to help transfer contacts, message history, photos, video, Web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars and even wallpapers. For obvious reasons, DRM-protected songs and e-books will not be available for transfer, though DRM-free media will automatically be moved over to the iOS device.

    Whatís even more interesting and useful to know is that the Move to iOS app is not just a simple bulk data remover. Instead, the app goes one step further and analyzers a userís free Android apps and even makes suggestions to rebuild a userís catalog with iOS versions. Titles determined to be paid apps are then added to their iTunes Wish List to be reviewed for a potential purchase at a later point.

    As of right now, it hasnít been made clear when the app will become available for the public to use. That being said, it seems that the app relies on some iOS 9 assets so itís likely to be released alongside iOS 9.

    Source: Apple (iOS 9 Preview)
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