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  • Apple Reportedly Spending Billions on Private Network Infrastructure

    The Cupertino California company seems to be at it again by starting on a new project to create a high-speed private network, set to be powered by bespoke hardware and software, between its datacenters. The project is currently being worked on in an effort to deal with its constantly growing demand for storage and transfer capacity in the cloud.

    Apple has supposedly brainstormed a new strategy to link its datacenters in the US to one another and to major internet exchanges. In addition to this, the Cupertino California company is also exploring new ways to design and build its own switching hardware that could potentially expand the capacity of its fiber optic links to “hundreds of gigabits per second.” The company is said to be working with the networking software firm, Cumulus Networks, while hardware would likely be manufactured by the longtime partner, Quanta.

    The company’s goal is said to be to augment as opposed to replace its current infrastructure partners. Instead of renting space and bandwidth from its existing players, Apple could move data most of the way via its own network and only rely on partnerships only for last-mile delivery. Although there are few details available, the plan appears to be very similar to the strategy pioneered by Google and now used by many of the larger internet-based companies in the US. For those of you who didn’t know Google owns thousands of miles of fiber optic cables in the US that run between its own datacenters. They use a combination of custom-designed software and hardware to automatically handle scaling and capacity issues.

    We’ll have to see what comes to life from Apple’s new plan of action.

    Source: Bloomberg via AppleInsider