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  • Edward Snowden Praises Apple for "Pioneering" Security Measures with iOS 8

    The former NSA contractor and whistleblower, Edward Snowden, recently praised Apple for enabling features such as default full-disk encryption in iOS 8 in a rare editorial. The piece from The New York Times noted progress has been made in reversing mass surveillance not just for political reasons but for technological reasons, through changes to devices and Internet protocols. Previously, various governments, including the US government, were utilizing the weaknesses in high-tech infrastructure to spy on the public, but all of these weaknesses are slowly coming to a close.

    Snowden said the following regarding the matter:

    Basic technical safeguards such as encryption — once considered esoteric and unnecessary — are now enabled by default in the products of pioneering companies like Apple, ensuring that even if your phone is stolen, your private life remains private.
    The Cupertino California company has come under fire from various US government officials for iOS 8’s security. The most infamous example may be Deputy Attorney General James Cole, who in October 2014 claimed that Apple was marketing to criminals and mentioned that the technology would lead to the death of a child one day since the police wouldn’t be able to extract the necessary data from an iPhone. For those of you who didn’t know, iOS 8 not only encrypts iPhone and iPad data by default, it also gives Apple no access to encryption keys meaning that the company can’t help produce someone’s data, even when served with a warrant or pressured by intelligence agencies.

    Just a few months ago, Snowden leaked a document which revealed a Central Intelligence Agency campaign to crack the security of iOS, OS X, BitLocker and various other platforms. Although it hasn’t been made clear to what extent this campaign was used to break through iOS, it should be noted that previous versions of iOS were vulnerable to spying tools. That being said, Snowden’s latest comments seem to indicate a change of heart from earlier this year when his lawyer said that he refuses to use an iPhone because the device “has special software that can activate itself without the owner” and gather information. The lawyer did not go on to elaborate whether he was referring to spyware from intelligence agencies or other forms of data tracking such as diagnostics.

    How do you feel about the whole situation? Share your thoughts and comments below!

    Source: The New York Times via AppleInsider
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    1. Ambi_Valence's Avatar
      Ambi_Valence -
      Why didn’t they make it the same with OSX?

      I know it’s an option but it should be on by default like with iOS right?
    1. twigwonderkid's Avatar
      twigwonderkid -
      Snowden - lol
      told everyone - "beware spies are spying"
      then says "I'm not using an iPhone "
      just come home and face the music big guy - then you can tell us stuff we already knew

      but yea - Apple spot on. Look what happened to Microsoft - we'll build cloud servers, we will put the data in data centres around the world. So you could put your data in Australia if you were concerned about US Authorities. Or even Ireland which is famously neutral and didn't fight in 2nd world war. So data is placed in Microsoft's data Centre in Dublin. So subject to Irish law. So no issues there. Except that's exactly what happened. Company, lets call them ACME put data in only the Dublin data centre so Irish law or maybe European, but nope US have demanded access to the data . If you are like apple and you have no idea how to get at the data you're good, you can say "Sorry guys no matter what you do I can't get at the data" Otherwise you'll end up like Microsoft having to provide data from another country just cause you're a US Company.
    1. Ambi_Valence's Avatar
      Ambi_Valence -
      This is what Appophytes don’t realise. Our big data companies put data all over the place and it means that when it’s not under the jurisdiction of in this case US law, the US authorities can go over there and get access to it.

      It’s like extra ordinary rendition for data.