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  • Apple Publishes a New HomeKit Guide Detailing Setup and Use

    Apple has recently published a support page on its website detailing how to set up and use HomeKit. The document explains how the Apple TV is used as a hub to remotely control HomeKit accessories while on the go. Furthermore, the guide notes that HomeKit works with any iOS 8.1 device and certified accessories. Users can pair an accessory by finding its seven digit setup code and entering it into the gear maker’s custom iOS app. Certain apps may allow accessories to be grouped together into homes, rooms, or scenes.

    Once set up, a person can use either the apps or Siri commands to help control individual accessories or assigned groups. For example, users can turn off lights in their room by simply saying “Turn off the lights in the living room.” One of the few things that hasn’t been made HomeKit ready is the ability to have Siri unlock a door.

    It should be noted that remote access to a HomeKit network requires a third-gen Apple TV with version 7.0 firmware. Both the Apple TV and iOS device being used need to be signed into the same Apple ID as well, which will allow Siri commands to work anywhere with internet access. HomeKit support has been publicly available in the Apple TV firmware since version 7.0 though Apple seemed to be quiet about the functionality until now. Similar to Apple’s other support documents, the recently published guide also addresses several tasks such as resetting accessories, troubleshooting and what measures to take when a device is lost or stolen.

    We’re likely to hear additional HomeKit news at WWDC next week, stay tuned!

    Source: Apple (Support)
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