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  • Tweetbot 2.0 for OS X Yosemite Debuts in the Mac App Store

    First teased at the beginning of the year, Tweetbot 2.0 for OS X Yosemite is finally available on Thursday via the Mac App Store.

    Tweetbot 2.0 has been given aesthetic changes to match the look and feel of OS X Yosemite. It makes use of more transparency, round profile pictures, simpler button and UI elements, and flatter color usage among other things so that it fits in with all of the rest of the stock applications on an OS X Yosemite machine.

    Tweetbot 2.0 is a free upgrade for those that already own the application from the Mac App Store. Fortunately, for those wanting to buy it for the first time, Tapbots is running a limited time launch sale pegging the application at $12.99 instead of the regular price of $19.99.

    To grab it, you can head over to this link to download it from the Mac App Store.

    Sources: Mac App Store via Tapbots
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      mike42 -
      How can we make the settings in dark mode like we used to have it & we lost the cool looking tweetbot icon..[emoji20][emoji35]