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  • Apple's iTunes Receipt Receives a New, Refreshed Look

    For those who purchase from iTunes or the App Store often, may notice a new look on the digital receipts when receiving them in your email inbox recently. It has been noted that the Cupertino-based company has refreshed their invoices to make them look cleaner, friendlier, and more design focused. Previous digital receipts simply just had words on it with the item you purchased and its corresponding price.

    The refreshed invoice layout not only has cover art with the item purchased, but it also tells the customer what device it was purchased from and like before, the type of item purchased. The overall look is just fancier and cleaner to look at. It also seems like the new format supports higher resolution images so that Retina displays support clearer images. Any purchases made from the iBook Store, iTunes, and Mac and iOS App Stores will receive the updated invoice.

    Source: Apple
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