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  • Flexibits Announces That Fantastical 2 for the Apple Watch is Coming Soon

    Flexibits is teasing an Apple Watch application for its highly popular Fantastical 2 alternative calendar application for iOS and Mac OS X.

    In a new Web page that the application developers posted up on Friday, Flexibits says that Fantastical 2 is "coming soon to a wrist near you" and allows you to sign up with your e-mail when the application is ready and hits the public.

    The screenshot preview of Fantastical 2 for the Apple Watch looks great. It takes what you would normally see on your iPhone and packs it down into a beautifully compact Apple Watch view without any clutter or extraneous information.

    If you want to download Fantastical 2 from the App Store right now to prepare for the Apple Watch release, you can head over to this App Store link to download it for $4.99. It will be a free upgrade if you already own the Fantastical 2 application for iOS.

    Sources: Flexibits
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    1. rolandgabor's Avatar
      rolandgabor -
      Fantastical looks and feels crowded on the iPhone. I can't imagine how will it be on the wrist display's tiny real estate.
    1. cpho's Avatar
      cpho -
      I personally use Calendars 5 by Readdle for my calendaring needs. I've wanted to try Fantastical, but not for $4.99. Does any one have comparative insights between the two apps?