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  • Google Makes its Inbox Email App for iOS Open to Everyone & Adds New Features

    On Thursday, Google opened access to its Inbox by Gmail e-mail client for all users without the need to receive an invite. Before today, you needed to request an invite from Google and then wait to receive your invite before you could start using the application.

    The new open-for-all application is available in the iOS App Store as an update to the existing application, dubbed version 1.3.0. Google also notes having added new features in the new version of Inbox by Gmail. Those features include:

    Quote Originally Posted by Google
    Introducing Trip Bundles - emails about a trip are bundled with important details highlighted
    New setting to swipe to delete
    New setting to set your signature
    Undo Send - take back a message up to a few seconds after sending it
    Reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox
    Bug fixes and performance improvements
    Those who want to get started with Inbox by Gmail today can head over to this App Store link to download it free of cost, while those who are already using it can download the latest version with all of the new features via their Updates tab in the App Store application. If you have automatic updates enabled, then it will be installed for you automatically.

    Inbox by Gmail offers an interactive experience where you can keep track of not only your e-mails, but also keeps you updated with reminders and uses highlights to make sure you get the most important information fast.

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