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  • Apple Wants to Include Local TV in its Streaming TV Service, Likely To Be Delayed

    A new report claims that the biggest thing holding Apple back from launching a subscription TV service are content rights. The report mentions that Apple could face delays once again as it seeks to include live, local network television stations.

    To be more specific for those of you who didn’t know, network broadcasts are available for free through the use of an antenna but having the rights to streaming the same broadcasts over public airways aren’t as simple as they may first seem. This is exactly what appears to be a major obstacle for Apple as it looks to launch its subscription TV service. The idea of launching in fall, as originally intended, may not be met as a result. That being said, the service continues to be one that is likely to come to fruition as opposed to a question of “if” it will come to be, as TV executives indicate that they believe money is the main sticking point between the industry and the Cupertino California company.

    As of right now, it doesn’t seem that any content owners have officially signed up for Apple’s highly rumored and anticipated service. This means that it is unlikely that it will be announced alongside an anticipated new Apple TV set-top box at next month’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Based on the report, Apple not only wants to have access to local broadcast TV, but it wants to have it on a wider scale, with a goal of having it across the United States. This will be a harder challenge as even ABC reportedly spent two years trying to get the rights to live broadcasting for just eight cities with its Watch ABC app that is available for the iPhone and iPad.

    Earlier reports indicated that Apple was looking to charge a base price of $30 and $40 per month for its subscription TV service. This coupled with widespread access to local network stations would help the Cupertino California company differentiate from competing services such as Dish’s Sling TV or Sony’s Vue. It has been said that Apple is in talks with broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and Fox as well as other cable networks that are owned by Viacom and Discovery, though apparently talks with the Comcast-owned NBC seemed to have been stalled. Ultimately we’ll just have to wait and see how this whole situation pans out.

    Source: Re/code
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