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  • Magnetized Game Goes Free As This Week's iOS App of the Week

    This week, Apple is passing the App of the Week torch down from Quetzalcoatl to Magnetized.

    Being chosen for the App of the Week is a great honor for the developers of the game. It puts the game on the front page of the App Store for one full week, which gives the developers a ton of coverage, and also reduces the price of the game to $0.00 until next Thursday. Apple hand-picks a new App of the Week on a weekly basis to help with application discovery.

    Magnetized is a fun physics-based puzzle game in which you use a magnet to help guide a black block around curves without crashing. You want to collect as many of the white blocks as possible by running into them.

    There are no brakes, so you have to simply use the magnet to the best of your abilities to collect the blocks. Tapping and holding activates the magnet for as long as you hold for; when you release, your black cube will continue on its set direction.

    Your deaths are accounted for, and you obviously want to avoid as many deaths as possible, so getting a feel for the in-game physics are a good way to prevent them. You'll get addicted pretty fast if you like physics puzzlers.

    You can download Magnetized for free from this App Store link for the next week.
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