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  • New Photos Show How Apple Uses the Apple Watch's Hidden Port in Stores

    When you walk into an Apple Store, you will see the Apple Watch on display that you can interact with. It is connected to a device that houses not only the Apple Watch, but also an accompanying iPad mini, which helps share information with the potential buyer about what they're doing on the Apple Watch as they try it out.

    New photos obtained by BlogdoiPhone depict how those Apple Watches are able to communicate with the accompanying iPad mini, and they also share how that hidden diagnostic port, which is typically hidden underneath the Apple Watch's wrist band, is used.

    As you can see above, Apple's setup involves a very specially-made wrist band, which isn't actually a wrist band at all. Display units take advantage of the hidden diagnostic port with this custom band, which has a Lightning connector on the end of it, which is used to both keep the Apple Watch charged and communicate with the iPad mini that is built into the display unit.

    More photos below:

    It is very interesting to see visual confirmation about how that hidden port works. Earlier in the month, engineers of a third-party Apple Watch band company known as Reserve Strap were among the first to figure out that the diagnostic port was capable of being used to charge the Apple Watch. As a result, they completely redesigned their plans for an Apple Watch wrist strap so that the strap would use the port.

    Confirmation that the hidden diagnostic port is used in such a way means that those who were skeptical of using said port for charging instead of using the magnetic inductive charging surface can officially ease their minds. It also makes it that much more practical to buy third-party accessories that can make use of the port, such as the Reserve Strap, despite the price.

    Nonetheless, it's a very cool product display device that helps keep the Apple Watch and iPad mini in sync while the customer plays with them on the display.

    Sources: BlogdoiPhone via MacRumors
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    1. i113's Avatar
      i113 -
      And by hardwiring the watch to an iPad, the user doesn't experience the Bluetooth lag some people have reported.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      That's pretty clever - it looks nice and easily hides the spotty Bluetooth connection (as i113 mentioned above).

      Hmm, this just goes to show: READ USER REVIEWS (lots of them) before you buy - don't trust the in-store demos in regards to user experience!
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Iíll be honest. I havenít experienced any Bluetooth lags on anything except some badly optimized apps. I also have been ending the day with about 60% battery, so I really have no idea what most of the early complaints were founded on. Maybe I got lucky, but besides one issue that Apple Support was quick to resolve (apparently I was lucky enough to be the first person calling in that a restart didnít fix. Go me!) my watch has been flawless.