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  • Apple Looking to Expand to North San Jose

    A new report from Silicon Valley Business Journal is claiming that Apple is looking to do a major corporate office expansion in northern San Jose, California. Apparently the Cupertino-based company is looking to lease at least two properties. One of the places is near the Mineta San Jose International Airport and is a 1.5-million square foot Coleman Highline development site, meanwhile the other is a 296,000 square-foot 101 R&D building right along Orchard Parkway.

    In recent years, the company has already expanded to Sunnyvale and Santa Clara due to the limited space left in Cupertino, California But with the desire to expand even further for additional space, it isnít surprising that Apple is looking at San Jose in Silicon Valley. According to Silicon Valley Business Journal,

    If Apple does do some kind of expansion into North San Jose, it may have more to do with simple availability than anything else given the lack of building sites closer to Appleís home. Thatís not necessarily a bad thing, but simply the path of progress. And San Jose could finally be in the middle of it.
    Whatís even more interesting is that the report noted automaker Tesla was also interested in the real estate properties. For those who have been following Apple news would know that the two have been competing with one another for employees. Other big companies like eBay, Cisco, IBM, and Adobe are all already located in San Jose.

    Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal
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