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  • Google's Jon Wiley Now Lead Designer at Cardboard

    It has been recently confirmed that Google Search’s lead designer Jon Wiley has gone over to become the lead designer of Cardboard. Cardboard is Google’s smartphone-based, low cost virtual reality headset project. The news first came up on Wiley’s Twitter page, but then it was later confirmed by Fast Company. As of now it is unknown who will be replacing Wiley, when he even left, and why he left to begin with.

    From the surface, Cardboard literally looks like a cardboard-made frame for a smartphone with velcro and plastic. Currently, Cardboard-ready apps can already be found and downloaded from the Google Play Store. It definitely seems like virtual reality is becoming a big thing as companies like HTC, Sony, Samsung and Facebook’s Oculus are investing in the concept.

    Apple back in February also had Virtual Reality related job openings, which could suggest that they may also be looking into developing VR products as well. Apple has yet to confirm anything yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see what new products the company has in store for us.

    Source: Fast Company
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      I just want a way to watch Interstallar in 4K on a seemingly-giant display to approximate the IMAX experience, but since these are meant to split a 4K display between two eyes for stereoscopic 3D (something I don't care about), we'd need 8K displays on mobile phones.