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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives 2015 Commencement Speech at George Washington University

    George Washington University’s graduating class of 2015 had the honor of listening to Apple CEO Tim Cook give their commencement speech over the weekend. Cook spoke about many different things when he was on stage including the different perspectives and reflections on life for graduates and their families. It was announced back in February that Cook would be speaking at the university’s commencement in Washington, D.C.

    The first 20-minutes of the speech focused on Cook’s teenage years when he met President Jimmy Carter and Alabama Governor George Wallace. He noted that both taught him that life’s internal journey was just as important as his external passage in schools and jobs. Cook told graduates that finding their values and committing to live by them is what’s important.

    My own journey in life was just beginning. I hadn't even applied to college yet at that point. For you graduates, the process of discovering yourself, of inventing yourself, of reinventing yourself is about to begin in earnest. It's about finding your values and committing to live by them. You have to find your North Star. And that means choices. Some are easy. Some are hard. And some will make you question everything.

    Twenty years after my visit to Washington, I met someone who made me question everything. Who upended all my assumptions in the very best way. That was Steve Jobs.
    Cook then went on to tell the graduates that it was Jobs who made him question everything and upended his assumptions. He finally ended the commencement by taking a picture of the graduating class with his iPhone saying saying it's "the best view in the world."

    Source: Vimeo via GW Media Relations
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