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  • Apple States That The Company's Customer Data Can't Be Included in RadioShack's Sale

    Apple ended up weighing in on the proceedings when it came to bidding for the RadioShack brand and customer data which has now ended. The reason the Cupertino California company weighed in was because it didn’t want information collecting during the sale of its own products to be sold as part of the deal. At the end of the day, the hedge fund, Standard General, was the top bidder with $26.2 million for RadioShack’s brand name and customer data. For those of you who didn’t know, the same firm ended up buying out RadioShack’s 1,700 store leases in March.

    In an effort to gain an Apple reseller agreement, RadioShack previously waived any rights to the data of customers who bought any Apple products at its locations. Apple’s filing with the court regarding the matter stated the following:

    In order to protect its customers' personal information, Apple oversees the collection and use of customer information collected by its retail partners, including RadioShack. The reseller agreement between Apple and RadioShack protects information collected by RadioShack regarding purchasers of Apple products and prohibits the proposed sale of such information.
    Apple wasn’t the only company who came in either. AT&T ended up joining Apple stating that RadioShack “seemingly intends” to sell information obtained during the sale of AT&T devices. As of right now, the judge who is overseeing the case still has to approve Standard General’s bid for RadioShack as well as clarify the exchange of accompanying customer data, including roughly 67 million physical addresses and 8.5 million email addresses. The date for all of this to be decided has been set for May 20. It should be noted that the US Bankruptcy Judge Brendan L. Shannon did mention just last month that he wouldn’t approve the sale of any customer data that he doesn’t find to be impermissible.

    We’ll have to wait and see what ends up happening but chances are Apple’s filing will likely be honored given the stance taken by the judge.

    Source: Law360
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      If Apple or another company had a prior agreement to maintain privacy, surely that would hold during a bankruptcy?