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  • Apple's Senior Director of Corporate Recruiting Gets Hired by Tesla

    For those who have been keeping up with Apple news should know that the company has been competing with electric car company Tesla for employees recently. A few previous Apple employees have actually hopped over to Tesla meanwhile Apple has been after a few Tesla employees themselves. New reports are now saying that the car making company has reached a new level and recently hired Apple’s Senior Director of Corporate Recruiting, Cindy Nicola. Nicola is now the VP of Global Recruiting at Tesla and noted on her LinkedIn account that she started the position in May.

    The Cupertino-based company last year hired Tesla’s Lead Recruiter for their own rumored car project. However, Lauren Ciminera was noted to have already left Apple to work on another secret project, as noted on her LinkedIn as well. We wonder if Apple’s rumored car project will actually turn out good or if it’ll be a huge flop. Competing with actual carmakers sounds like a silly idea to us, but we could be totally wrong so don’t hold us against what we said.

    If Apple really did make their own automobile, how likely would you drive the vehicle and would you actually purchase one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    Source: LinkedIn
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