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  • BitTorrent Launches New Peer-to-Peer Private Instant Messaging App for iOS Dubbed Bleep

    On Wednesday, BitTorrent launched a new multi-platform messaging and VoIP application known as Bleep.

    Bleep aims to be the most private and secure messaging client available for iOS; not only are your messages encrypted end-to-end, but Bleep throws in another twist; Peer to Peer. Although Apple says your iMessages are encrypted from their end and cannot be accessed, your messages and anything else that you send is still stored in the Cloud on Apple's servers.

    Bleep removes the Cloud aspect of things from the messaging experience and makes messaging 100% Peer to Peer, which means your messages are never stored on any Cloud servers. Instead, chat histories are stored 100% on your own devices. As a direct result, your messages are incredibly hack-resistant from remote hackers.

    Bleep supports not only messaging, but also VoIP calls and Whispers. As you probably already know what VoIP calls are, we'll tell you a little more about what Bleep is calling Whispers. Basically, this feature lets you send messages that will never be saved on either person's device. Once the recipient reads the Whisper, history of the message disappears from both people's devices for good.

    The only downside that we can see so far is that because conversation histories are stored locally instead of in the Cloud, lengthy conversations with lots of pictures will eat up storage space quickly if not managed regularly. Moreover, there doesn't appear to be a way to password-protect the conversations from the Bleep application itself, but fortunately, that's what iOS passcodes are for.

    Both an iOS version of Bleep and a Mac OS X version of Bleep are available to download, as well as an Android version and Windows version. Bleep is 100% free to use and could be the next step in truly private conversations.

    Sources: App Store via Bleep
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      Sounds good. Now if I just had something important to send someone.
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      Bleep does not immune and hack-resistant from remote hackers.