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  • Patent for Beats Mixr Headphone Design Awarded to Apple

    Beats Electronics original ‘Audio listening system’ patent has officially been granted to Apple recently and it now covers the Beats Mixr over-ear headphone design as well. For those who don’t know, the Beats Mixr is for DJs who are at the turntables and need to hear both as well as the loudspeaker output. The Beats Mixr headphone is designed so that DJs can either have both ear cups down for isolated sound, one driver up and the other down for mixing music, or both cups up for storage reasons.

    The design of the Beats Mixr makes it very convenient for DJs as they can maneuver it however they’d like. The original patent was actually granted to previous Apple design chief Robert Brunner who partnered with Beats 9 years ago to develop a line of headphones. According to Beats,

    Beats Mixr headphones are built to withstand the rigors of DJ life, which means creating a housing flexible and tough enough to take a beating. The ultra-flexible headband was also crafted to be super lightweight and easily foldable for jetting off to your next destination.
    Many DJs like to use Beats Headphones when they have mix duties and the fact that the company came out with a DJ specific design is great for professional DJs. It’s also great news for Apple to now have the official patent awarded to them.

    Source: US Patent
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