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  • Next iPhone Could Feature A9 Chip, 2GB of RAM, Force Touch Technology, 12 MP Camera

    Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone this year in the Fall, but there is a lot of wonder about what Apple could possibly do to improve on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their current state. While many will be quick to shout "sapphire display," the technology just isn't there yet and it shatters very easily, especially with the larger surface area of an iPhone.

    The newest speculation from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who maintains a relatively accurate track record in past speculations, appears to be familiar with some changes to come in Apple's upcoming handsets, presumably named the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

    Kuo's full list of changes ranges from adopting Apple's Force Touch technology, to a 12 Megapixel camera sensor, to a rose gold case option, and even 2 GB of RAM. The full list below:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ming-Chi Kuo
    • Force Touch will be the biggest upgraded selling point, but also one of the main bottlenecks of the supply chain. Force Touch can enrich user experience due to more input methods and support of handwritten signatures, which is beneficial for expanding in the commercial market
    • Screen will remain at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, with resolution the same as existing models. There will be no new 4-inch model
    • There will be an additional casing color, rose gold, matching the rose-gold Apple Watch Edition
    • The camera will have a pixel upgrade, likely to 12MP
    • One microphone will be added near the speaker to enhance voice quality
    • The A9 processor with upgraded 2GB LPDDR4 will be adopted
    • The bending issue will be improved by using different casing materials and internal mechanical design changes
    • If drop test issues can be resolved, the 5.5-inch model will have a limited number of units with sapphire cover lens
    • The recognition rate of Touch ID will be improved further in a bid to promote Apply Pay
    • Gesture control support
    • Itís expected that mass production will start in mid-to-late August. Total shipments will be 80-90mn in 2015, with a 2:1 ratio of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.
    Many other speculations based on Apple's patents in the past suggest the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could receive two separate rear-facing cameras, so it's interesting that Kou's speculation differs from the theory. Other analysts have even said that the next-generation iPhone could keep the current 8 Megapixel sensor.

    Is the list above enough to make you upgrade from your existing iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    Sources: Ming-Chi Kuo via 9to5Mac
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    1. Wolftamer's Avatar
      Wolftamer -
      2GB RAM and upgraded camera would be the best options for Apple to take.
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      This sounds like a really solid update. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but all good improvements.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      2GB of RAM will make this new iPhone blazing fast/fluid. If you think your iPhone already posses this, just wait until they add another Gig of RAM :]
    1. kickerman65's Avatar
      kickerman65 -
      Don't know why the 6+ didn't come with 2gb of ram in the first place. It sure could use it that's for sure.
    1. carlos6438's Avatar
      carlos6438 -
      Here we go again...

      "The next new iPhone COULD have i9 chip (since we can count by 1's too), 2GB or RAM (since it has 1 now and that sounds like an upgrade), Force touch (since the Apple Watch has it that means its the next upgrade), and 12MP camera! (cause every year they say new camera and are wrong so this year HAS to have a better camera!)

      These BS reports and rumors are so stupid. Its like they have a template and increase the increments by 1 in all their "reports" and call it the latest speculation.

      Sorry but aside from processor the rest is just easy guessing...
    1. Ambi_Valence's Avatar
      Ambi_Valence -
      Quite frankly as long as it doesn’t look like the ugly *** six they can chalk up another sale here.
    1. Answer1o1's Avatar
      Answer1o1 -
      no jail break no care
    1. rodnutz's Avatar
      rodnutz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Answer1o1 View Post
      no jail break no care

      What he said!!!! I never care about the next iteration of iPhone unless I know there is a Jail Break coming. And for all those who make it happen each and every time I am EXTREMELY grateful.

      Apple releases, I give no ****s, community jail breaks, I start to care, I upgrade.
    1. docmagoo2's Avatar
      docmagoo2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ambi_Valence View Post
      Quite frankly as long as it doesnít look like the ugly *** six they can chalk up another sale here.
      Pardon? The iPhone six is a gorgeous handset.
    1. docmagoo2's Avatar
      docmagoo2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Answer1o1 View Post
      no jail break no care
      And well reasoned argument there. Well done
    1. angerthosenear's Avatar
      angerthosenear -
      If they manage to get some sapphire versions, I would probably pick up the 5.5-inch model. I'm fairly gentle with my devices, so I'm not worried about it shattering. Biggest thing for me is storage sizes. They really need to bump those up.

      2GB of RAM will certainly help for games, but aside from that, iOS is fairly memory efficient - even with all the stuff that it runs.

      I wonder if they will bring over their shaped batteries to fill in some of the minor nooks-and-crannies inside the phone, not too much room, but every bit helps. Especially with an upgraded processor.

      The iPhone has a really nice camera sensor, I'd much rather have the colors be correct and weird-lit subjects to look right then just more pixels. So to me, 12MP isn't really important. As with above, they are going with so much space-consuming options, they have to bump up their storage.
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      if only they could change back the aesthetics from current crappy one back to how 5s was with super OLED screen and 4k video....IF ONLY!!!

      I also would like 256GB option.....I can only imagine how expensive that's going to be.

      I can dream..right? they should incorporate zeiss lens to their camera for that pristine picture quality rivaling dedicated slr cameras.

      IF ONLY!!!!

      and please give us real night vision.....PLEASE!!!!
    1. Magnum's Avatar
      Magnum -
      Lol stupid. It COULD come with a gun. It could second as a grenade. It could come with a telescope. It could come with the condiment dispenser. It always could could could literally come with any dang thing imaginable. Just stop these posts until there are facts.
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      Yeah ok if it where the iPhone 10 s maybe
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      To all those people that don't understand how much better the design is on the iPhone 6 from those that came before it, thank you! You gave me a good laugh.
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kickerman65 View Post
      Don't know why the 6+ didn't come with 2gb of ram in the first place. It sure could use it that's for sure.
      What game are you playing that lags? I never see a lag on my phone wether I'm playing Spiderman or need for speed or Asplalt.
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      More ram would be excellent. More megapixels will just eat up data and cloud space but it's the natural progression of things. As useless and a 4k video would be, it would still be nice to see so that more people will adopt the standard. I need more 4k content on my new TV!
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      More ram is all I care about. Hate how some apps immediately close on the background when I open another.
    1. Al226's Avatar
      Al226 -
      I hate mothrfckg Apple for having used only 1gb of RAM on current models. Maybe it's ok for non-jailbroken folks, but for us jailbreakers 2gb or more is an absolute necessity.
    1. Anon9mouz's Avatar
      Anon9mouz -
      I'm on the 12 month next so I'll be getting it regardless