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  • Apple Publishes New Web Page Dedicated to iPad Entitled 'Everything Changes With iPad'

    In an attempt to push dropping iPad sales, Apple has published a new Web page on its Web site called 'Everything Changes With iPad' that helps illustrate popular and useful uses for the iPad in your everyday life.

    The new Web page highlights six main categories:

    Each link highlights some of the best App Store applications for getting things done in their respective categories. For example, Small Business highlights the square register app, Groupon Merchant Tablet app, and Weebly app among others. As you would expect, the other categories also showcase related applications.

    The Why iPad? section actually explains all of the best features of the iPad. It shows off privacy and security of the operating system, notes that there are a lot of third-party accessories, that it works well with iCloud for syncing information between your devices (Mac and iOS), and that there are a slew of supported applications in the App Store to improve on the iPad's usefulness.

    If you're interested in checking out the new Web page, you can visit this link.

    Sources: Apple
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