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  • Durability Test Time: How Will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Hold Up?

    Khristian Flohr, the CEO of UnlockRiver, shared with MMi this week a captivating new video that aims to reveal the true durability of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

    “Broken screens is the most common problem when it comes to smartphones,” Flohr says. “I have seen many of my friends with broken screens on their phones. I had never experienced this problem until one month ago. I accidentally dropped my new iPhone 6 and when I picked it up, the screen was completely broken into pieces. Then I searched on youtube and I saw many drop test videos, but most of them where boring and repetitive. We are a Tech company and we have a youtube channel with over 40K subscribers. So I thought, lets make a drop test but lets make it a bit interesting. So we came up with the idea of doing a video combining two of the hottest products on the market: the DJI Inspire 1 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, and let it drop from the clouds.”

    Flohr says that the test was performed with three phones -- The Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, and Nokia 3310. More clips will be published this week. But first up? The durability test of the Galaxy S6 shared above.

    How does Flohr think the phone held up? "The Galaxy S6 took the hit surprisingly well," he says. "I was expecting the phone to be completely bended and broken glass everywhere. But only the back glass was significantly damaged."

    Sources: UnlockRiver, Mobile Advertising Watch
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