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  • iPad Problem Reportedly Grounded Some American Airlines Flights

    American Airlines is not only one of the world's leading commercial airline companies, they're also among the earliest adopters of mobile technology for pilots.

    With iPads replacing heavy paper-bound flight books, Apple has managed to work its way into countless new places -- including the cockpit of American Airlines aircraft.

    But this week, a glitch in an iPad application for pilots is being blamed for delaying some flights, about two dozen in all. Granted, the problems are certainly miniscule in nature, but the issue is managing to score some headlines regardless.

    Apple, of course, has no comment.

    "In some cases, pilots were able to resolve the issue during the boarding process," Re/Code explains. "Other pilots were forced to return the plane to the gate, according to American Airlines spokesperson Casey Norton."

    What caused the glitch? Don't know for sure. But the matter appears to be resolved.

    Source: Re/Code
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    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      They probably should have restarted the iPad before returning to the gate...