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  • New Report Shows Some Developer Apprehension Over Apple Watch

    With well over 3,000 apps already available for Apple Watch, some developers have clearly gotten busy cranking out new offerings for Apple's revolutionary smartwatch.

    But whether or not that rate of app development continues may very well depend on one factor -- whether or not those apps can be effectively monetized.

    NativeMobile is reporting that a new survey of developers shows optimism about the growth of the Apple Watch platform itself but only cautious optimism about how profitable Apple Watch app development will be in the near future.

    For months, questions have lingered about how much — or how little — Apple will allow its smartwatch to be used as a platform for mobile advertising. For now, it seems Apple is chiefly interested in luring developers to Apple Watch as a way to broaden the reach and deepen the engagement of apps they’ve already designed and launched.
    “It seems to me that a fairly sizable segment of the iOS app developer community hasn’t been inspired for financial reasons to develop for Apple Watch,” tech blogger Mike Randazzo is quoted in the piece. “It’s curiosity more than financial objectives at this point. But if Apple wants its Apple Watch app store to grow wildly to where it may one day rival in size its app stores for other mobile devices, they’ll need to prove rather quickly that there’s money to be made developing for Apple Watch.”

    Source: NativeMobile
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