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  • Apple Pay to Hit Best Buy Stores Later This Year

    Apple CEO Tim Cook announced during the company’s quarterly conference call that Best Buy will be launching Apple Pay support in stores later this year with support in app already being accepted. This is definitely surprising news as the big box electronics store is a supporter for the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) consortium. MCX is a group of retailers that decided to take Apple Pay out of the stores due to its plans of incorporating its own payment system CurrentC.

    MCX partners Rite Aid and CVS originally had Apple Pay compatibility in stores, but then retracted it because they said it was due to a MCX policy. Other popular chains partnering with MCX include The Gap and Walmart. Back in November of last year, MCX CEO Dekkers Davidson actually noted that “there were consequences” for those who do not keep to the agreement they have with other merchants.

    There are consequences, so if you decide to not keep the agreement that you made with the other merchants we're not going to put a lot of energy in helping get those merchants launched in the near term.
    We think that was just a nicer way of saying to block out Apple Pay in favor of CurrentC. What are your thoughts? Share with us below.

    Source: TechCrunch
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