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  • Apple Reportedly Buys 36,000 Acres of Forest to Create Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

    Apple and The Conservation Fund appear to be partnering to purchase more than 36,000 acres of vulnerable forestland in Maine and North Carolina. The land will be used to sustainably harvest materials that can be used for paper and packaging. In a recently released press release from The Conversation Fund revealed that the total land area being bought is larger than the city of San Francisco.

    The commitment that was made by the Cupertino California company will provide the company with a steady supply of sustainably harvested timber for paper and pulp mills. The “working” forestland will help to enable Apple to make its product packaging even more environmentally friendly. Apple’s head of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, recently wrote a piece on Medium with the president and CEO of The Conservation Fund, Larry Selzer, where the two explained the intent behind their agreement:

    Apple believes that paper, like energy, can be a renewable resource. So Apple is striving to supply 100 percent of the virgin fibers used in its paper and packaging from sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources.
    The Reed Forest in Maine features wetlands, rivers and upland forest that provide refuge for Atlantic salmon, bald eagles, northern goshawks and Canada lynx. The project builds on a broader landscape of more than a million acres of conserved lands and interconnected forest habitat that stretches beyond the border into News Brunswick, Canada. As of right now, Reed Forest will continue to remain as a working forest, allowing the continuation of fiber production and protecting jobs as well as recreational opportunities.

    As far as the Brunswick Forest in North Carolina, the land is adjacent to the 17,000 acre Green Swamp Reserve, which builds connectivity and halts fragmentation for the National Natural Landmark. It has been a conservation priority for quite some time with high-quality pine savannas, along with striking and unusual plants and flowers.

    The Cupertino California company’s initiative protects forestlands through The Conservation Fund’s Working Forest Fund (WFF). Originally pioneered by the Fund in the late 1990s, the program is an entirely new model for acquiring and permanently protecting ecologically significant portions of America’s last, large, intact privately-held forests. Selzer had the following to say regarding the matter:

    Apple is clearly leading by example—one that we hope others will follow. By all accounts, the loss of America's working forests is one of our nation's greatest environmental challenges. The initiative announced today is precedent-setting.
    The move as a whole highlights Apple’s continued eco-friendly attitude that appears to be continuing going forward.

    Source: Medium via AppleInsider
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    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      Shouldn't it be buying forests where its products are made or insist that its factories source their raw materials from these managed forests?
    1. Broomhead's Avatar
      Broomhead -
      Looking at the picture, Apple and I have a different definition of forest