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  • Apple Makes 'Rules!' Game Available for Free in its Apple Store App

    Apple has updated the content of its Apple Store application for iOS to offer some new digital content free of cost. The latest offering is that of Rules!, which is a puzzle game that is supposed to keep your brain in tip-top shape by forcing you to keep your speed and accuracy up at peak operating performance.

    Normally $2.99, this App Store game can be had for free right now from Apple's Apple Store application for iOS. Note that this is a separate application on your device from the App Store application and can be downloaded for free from this App Store link; the application icon for the Apple Store application looks like this:

    When opening the Apple Store application, you need to go to the "Stores" tab at the bottom of the application and then swipe all the way to the right via the bottom-most thread. Here, you will see the information on Rules!, which is where you can follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your free iTunes promo code.

    There are a variety of puzzles in Rules! that you need to be able to solve to get through the game's challenges. There are numeric, color, and recognition puzzles among others.

    Check it out!
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