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  • Apple Curiously Resumes Employee Vacation Restrictions for Late January

    It's a page right out of the Apple playbook. When new or refreshed products are about to be released, Apple places strict, unyielding limitations on when Apple retail store employees can take vacation time. Late Wednesday evening, word broke that Apple has resumed surreptitiously blocking out vacation days for a three week time frame that allegedly begins this month.

    Reliable sources tell our friends at Apple Insider, that this "classic move" on the part of Apple suggests something is coming, as the full slate of manpower would only be required to manage an anticipated rush of consumers at an Apple retail outlet. Although no major product releases or refreshes are anticipated in the coming weeks (the iPad 2 isn't expected until spring at the earliest) the rumored forthcoming arrival of a Verizon iPhone could be ground-shaking enough to prompt this preparatory action from Apple.

    It should also be noted that in addition to reports of the company blacking out vacation time for employees without seniority, Apple has reportedly retained its "overstaffed holiday personnel" at various Apple retail stores around the country - an uncharacteristic move following the conclusion of the holiday shopping season.

    Apple Insider
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