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  • CFO of Pandora Announces that the Music Service Will Be Coming to CarPlay

    New reports are claiming that Mike Herring, Pandora CFO, told Fox Business Network that Pandora music streaming service will ‘definitely be in CarPlay.’ When Apple first launched it in 2014, Pandora was not offered as other music services like iHeartRadio, Rdio, Spotify, and more were. Now not only did Herring note that it will be featured in CarPlay, but it will merge with the Apple Watch as well. Herring gave some insight on the relationship Pandora and Apple have, stating that they have a "frenemy kind of relationship." Due to what the CFO noted, it could be a big reason as to why Pandora was not being offered in CarPlay.

    Herring told Fox,

    Pandora, which owes part of its success to the popularity of its iPhone app, has a "frenemy kind of relationship going on" with Apple. "We were part of what made it fun to have an iPhone," Herring added. While the two companies are "close partners," it is a "very interesting relationship."
    In the meantime if you have CarPlay, you can use other services like Beats Music, Spotify, CBS Radio News, Rdio, iHeartRadio, and more. Although the feature may not be that big as of right now, automobile companies like Hyundai, Audi, and Volkswagen have already promised cars that will incorporate CarPlay in them sometime this year. Although Herring did not specifically note when the launch of Pandora will be happening, the report from Fox means that they are definitely working on it.

    Source: Fox Business Network
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