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  • Apple: 77% of iOS Devices Are Running iOS 8 As of March 16th

    The iOS 8 adoption numbers continue to grow week by week; just two weeks ago, we reported that iOS 8 was installed on 75% of iOS devices around the world, as reported by Apple's App Store Distribution Web page, but new numbers released on March 16th shed light on the fact that the number has yet again grown.

    The latest numbers indicate that iOS 8 is now installed on 77% of the world's iOS devices, followed by iOS 7 on 20% of iOS devices, and iOS 6 and earlier on 3% of iOS devices. Those on iOS 6 and earlier refuse to budge from their current operating system, as the numbers indicate, while more and more iOS 7 users are upgrading to the newer iOS 8 with all of its new features, including third-party keyboards, third-party Notification Center widgets, interactive notifications, a high-graphic gaming API, and much more.

    These numbers are derived from Apple directly via use of the App Store.

    Anticipation of the Apple Watch has likely been a prime catalyst in making many upgrade to the latest iOS 8.2 update, which has also been fueling these numbers. The Apple Watch makes receiving notifications and calls easier, makes it easier to track your fitness over time, and even allows you to make payments by waving your wrist at Apple Pay-supported merchant stands.

    iOS 8 is much slower in adoption than the iOS 7 update was at the same time during the last iteration of iOS' launch. On a more skeptical side of things, this could be because the major interface changes that occurred between iOS 6 and iOS 7 allured more users who wanted something "different" in both look and feel, while iOS 8 mostly resembles the same look as iOS 7 with some glorified new features.

    We will continue to keep you updated on the growth of iOS 8 over coming weeks, so stay tuned; it should be interesting to see how the official Apple Watch launch impacts these numbers.

    Sources: Apple
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Apple's later versions slow performance of older hardware. This is a well known gripe that Apple either deliberately creates to compel new hardware sales or they view as a fortunate for them by product of new versions and won't fix.
    1. jzhu625's Avatar
      jzhu625 -
      if we have a choice we won't be running on IOS 8 at all! why you bother updating when people don't even have a choice to pick which IOS you wish!
    1. The Highlander's Avatar
      The Highlander -
      Exactly jzhu625.

      If there is no choice the metric is SUPER stupid....

      The metric does show the availability of new software to older devices though... but if i could, i'd be running ios6.
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      I remember from iOS 6 days that we would complain of iOS 6 doesn't have this, doesn't have that and we have to jailbreak to get the features. Now when Apples copies the features and include them in iOS 8, we complain that our devices run slow.