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  • New 2015 MacBook Air/Pro Hardly Offer Any Processing Power Boosts Over Previous Models

    On Monday at the 'Spring Forward' special event that Apple hosted in Yerba Buena, California, Apple announced not only the Apple Watch, but also a refreshed lineup of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro computers.

    Although the new computers come with Intel's new Broadwell Intel Core M processors, Apple doesn't appear to have given the notebooks any major processing power boosts in the new 2015 lineup. Recent Geekbench scores, as first demonstrated by MacRumors, reveal that the new 2015 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks perform about the same, if not marginally faster, as the previous models from 2014.

    The early-2015 MacBook Pro scored a 3043 for single-core processing and 6448 for multi-core processing. It is reported that the 2014 MacBook Pro scored a 3056 for single-core processing and 6554 for multi-core processing. In terms of the MacBook Air, the early-2015 MacBook Air scored a 2753 for single-core processing and 5486 for multi-core processing. And conversely, the 2014 MacBook Air reportedly scored a 2430 for single-core processing and a 5291 for multi-core processing.

    What we can see from these figures is that Apple didn't put a whole lot of processing speed boosts into the upgrade, but other areas where the new machines might shine are the new Intel Iris graphics and the improved zippier solid-state flash storage that is built into the machine for faster boot-ups and application launching.

    If you aren't really in the need of a computer that boots up just seconds faster than the previous model, or the extra jump in graphics power, then perhaps buying out the rest of the stock of last year's MacBook Air/Pro notebooks from Apple retail stores, or buying a previous generation refurbished model may be a good way to save a few bucks and still have relatively decent computing power for the everyday needs of a computer user.

    Notably, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro also contain the Force Touch and butteryfly key keyboards that were first introduced with the new 2015 MacBook, which the 2014 models do not have.

    Sources: MacRumors
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    1. baRRy boRRis's Avatar
      baRRy boRRis -
      They didn't bump the processor GHz speeds did they, just the newer chips? I thought they were using more efficient chips/SSDs not more powerful.
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I recently bought a 2013 refurb MBP and was worried the new updates would put me even further behind the curve. But it sounds like I'm still "only a year behind" in terms of MBP capability.

      I'm not too concerned about slightly fast boot or app launch. It's already near-instant. I also don't see much use in the "force touch". I think that it would be more annoying if anything as I would constantly push too hard. I know you can make adjustments, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad. But still, the functionality doesn't impress me as a must-have.
    1. jigar7's Avatar
      jigar7 -
      Very disappointing! In an age where the other manufacturers are releasing 980M SLI laptops... Apple is way WAY behind... as always. One generation old GPUs still powering the "top of the line" Macbook Pros... I was really hoping the MBPs would get the 980M GPU and a lil bit of a battery boost... never thought Apple will screw up the MBP lineup so badly! At this rate, I don't think even the late 2015 MBPs will get any good upgrades.
      Oh well... Time to go get something with a much better computing power... maybe ASUS or MSI.

      Apple is trying to "innovate" more than they can handle at a time... they're screwing up their existing products unfortunately... *sigh*