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  • Judge Gives Approval for $415M Settlement in the "No-Poach" Class Action Lawsuit

    It appears that Judge Koh has given initial approval for the proposed $415 million settlement in the class-action complaint where Apple, Google and other parties accused of being involved in an illegal “no-poach” employee policy. Defendants previously agreed to a smaller $324.5 million settlement previously but Judge Koh rejected the offer after hearing objectives from one plaintiff, stating that Apple and others should “pay their fair share.” The Cupertino California company and ended up upping their settlement offer to $415 million in January of this year.

    The increased was enough for Koh to agree to the terms as she claimed that she was satisfied with the current offer. If everything goes as expected, the final approval will be given at a hearing on June 9. The other parties accused in the complaint include Intel and Adobe. Employees working for the Silicon Valley firms sued their employers over alleged anti-poaching mandates which were enacted by executives including Steve Jobs.

    Earlier in the same suit, other codefendants included Intuit, Pixar and Lucasfilm who settled out of court for $20 million. Ironically the terms of that settlement helped to justify Koh’s rejection of the initial $324.5 million proposal from the remaining companies. For those of you who didn’t know, in the complaint, employees said the companies in question effectively put a cap on their salaries through various no-poach tactics including “do not call” lists, emails and other intra-office communications.

    With the settlement being approved Apple has one less court case on its plate for now.

    Source: Associated Press
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      clive.weller -
      If EVERYONE conducted their business fairly and squarely without poaching, underhand practices and downright greed then there would be no need for all these silly lawsuits. But I guess that's NEVER going to happen!