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  • Apple Working with BMW... But Why?

    In recent years, one of the most persistent rumors we've heard about Apple is that the tech giant is working on a connected HDTV. It goes without saying that such rumors have, since last summer, died down tremendously.

    But the rumor mill keeps churning, the most aggressive output of which now indicates that Apple may be working on an electric car. Will it pan out? Many industry analysts and sources close to Apple say that while Apple does, indeed, have an interest in automobiles, the interest is more aligned with delivering high-tech connectivity features to automobiles, not actually building automobiles.

    Unfortunately, Apple's new work with BMW isn't doing much to cool the rumors that Apple wants to connect with a leading automobile maker in order to build its own Apple-branded car. In fact, the rumors are persisting despite admissions from BMW that Apple isn't working with them to build a car.

    "German carmaker BMW said on Thursday its talks with technology giant Apple did not involve developing or building a car, denying a German magazine report," Reuters reported this morning.

    "We are in regular talks with companies from the IT and telecommunications sector, including Apple, concerning topics like connected vehicles," a BMW spokesman is quoted. "Developing or building a car is not a topic of these discussions."

    Source: Reuters
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    1. JollyRogger's Avatar
      JollyRogger -
      If I were to guess, then I'd say that Apple & BMW have been developing ways to allow the watch to be used as the key fob for BMW's rather than the driver have to carry a key, as well as his Apple Watch.

      Most of the high end BM's have keyless entry and a start button which requires the key to be near the car rather than plugged in, so it would be easy to have those "key fob" type features embedded in to the watch.

      That's my guess any way.

    1. SirZyrion's Avatar
      SirZyrion -
      An Apple Watch replacing BMW's Comfort Access system would be VERY interesting. I could see it being used to control the Nav system too. I'd love to be able to use Siri natively in my M5!