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  • Newly-discovered Web Security Vulnerability 'FREAK' is Affecting iOS, Android, OS X (Fix Coming)

    A newly-discovered Web security vulnerability called 'FREAK' is currently getting a lot of attention from security firms and report sites on Wednesday after it was found to affect Apple's iOS and OS X operating systems, as well as Google's Android operating system.

    FREAK reportedly allows a hacker to basically reduce the amount of encryption security (HTTPS) used by a large Web sites in particular Web browsers (such as Apple's Safari/Mobile Safari and Google's Android Web browser), allowing the hacker to snoop valuable information within just hours. This would give hackers the ability to steal passwords and other valuable information from unsuspecting users, leaving their banking information and numerous other Web site data types open for grabs. What's even scarier is that the vulnerability has reportedly been around since the 1990s.

    Re/code notes that Apple has acknowledged the issue and has publicly announced that an update is coming for both Mac OS X and iOS next week that will patch this problem to increase security for users. Google, on the other hand, has said that a patch is being worked on, but has no ETA for when the patch will be available for users' security.

    In the mean time, users should attempt to avoid visiting sensitive Web sites as much as possible on affected Web browsers until the update is released. A good way to protect yourself is to use a Web browser that hasn't been deemed vulnerable to this security issue.

    Sources: Re/code
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    1. TooSlo's Avatar
      TooSlo -
      You may want to update the thread noting that Google had already developed a patch for the FREAK exploit and has passed it to partners. They (and in the US, carriers) are the ones who should be noted as not having taken any public steps yet.

      Apple, Google plan patches for ?Freak? security flaw that allows browser spying | The Columbus Dispatch